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Health Resources

Keep informed about health and drug issues, but always consult a health professional for personal health advice.

Question of the Week

Question of the WeekQ: How do I know I have glaucoma?

A:  Glaucoma is caused by a rise in the pressure of the aqueous humour or fluid contained in the eye ballGlaucoma is caused by a rise in the pressure of the aqueous humour or fluid contained in the eye ball.  The increased pressure over time causes damage to the optic nerve and reduces vision.  Unfortunately, glaucoma occurs gradually over time and you may notice no symptoms until your eye sight has been affected.  If you have a family member with glaucoma, you have an increased risk for the disease.  Other risk factors include - older age, diabetes, high blood pressure.  When you have your eyes examined, your eye doctor will measure for glaucoma, and with early diagnosis glaucoma is easily managed with eye drops.


Featured Health Tip


For The incidence of allergy is on the rise, with childhood allergies more than doubling in the last ten years.  Allergies range from the sneezing associated with hay fever to anaphylactic shock resulting from a severe nut allergy.  Early detection along with prevention and appropriate treatment is key to successfully living with an allergy. The type of allergy more


Medications Return Programs

The Medications Return Programs are the safe and easy way to dispose of drugs we all have in our homes. The purpose is to collect unused or expired medications from the public before they are disposed of in the garbage or poured down sewers and drains.

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