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Health Resources

Keep informed about health and drug issues, but always consult a health professional for personal health advice.

Question of the Week

Question of the WeekQ: How does A.S.A. benefit the heart?

A:  Research shows that taking aspirin (A.S.A.) regularly can reduce the risk of heart attack in two ways. First, it fights the pain and inflammation associated with heart disease. Second, it inhibits a substance called prostaglandin, which causes blood platelets to clump together and form artery-clogging blood clots. Always check with your doctor about what the right dose is for you.


Featured Health Tip

Fats that do Your Heart GoodFats that do Your Heart Good

Think a “low-fat” label on a food product automatically makes it a heart-healthy choice? Not necessarily. Fats make our food more tasty and palatable. To that end, low-fat processed foods, such as low-fat cookies, desserts and crackers are often packed with sugars, salt and refined carbohydrates to make up for the lack of taste and texture. Moreover, these refined “low-fat” products often more