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Health Resources

Keep informed about health and drug issues, but always consult a health professional for personal health advice.

Question of the Week

Question of the WeekQ: Why won’t my doctor give me an antibiotic for the flu?

A:  The flu or influenza is a viral infection, and antibiotics are effective against bacteria - not viruses.  Taking antibiotics inappropriately means that when you need an antibiotic, it may not work as well and the risk for bacterial resistance to antibiotics increases.  For the flu your better options are rest, increased fluids and humidity, analgesics such as acetaminophen, and cough remedies.  The flu can make you more susceptible to other infections including chest infections; however secondary infections are usually treated independently of the flu.


Featured Health Tip

Flu ShotsFlu Shots

Immunizations range from flu shots to travel and childhood vaccinations.  Effective against viruses as well as bacteria, immunizations protect people against diseases that at one time killed millions.  In fact, certain diseases have been effectively prevented by immunization. Immunization against influenza is recommended for more


Medications Return Programs

The Medications Return Programs are the safe and easy way to dispose of drugs we all have in our homes. The purpose is to collect unused or expired medications from the public before they are disposed of in the garbage or poured down sewers and drains.

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